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It’s been a long time waiting…..

Six years.  It’s been six years when I created this blog.  An idea I had then and wanted to really go for it, but the timing was wrong. So, let me start again, but this time, really actually do a blog and keep writing updates about what my brother, Koffee (Kat) and I (Kreme aka Kitten) enjoy doing. We’ll talk about how we met our owner, Lisa. We’ll tell you about the things we enjoy to do and our owner’s husband will draw pictures of us to show you what we look like and some of the funny situations we get in to. How did we meet our owner, Lisa?  Well that’s a warming story.  The short version is that the basement hole had been blocked when our Mommy was moving our siblings to a new home and we got stuck in the basement alone.  But at the top of the stairs was a small coffee shot owned by Lisa. […]



My name is Kreme.  My brother’s name is Koffee.  Some call us Kat and Kitten.  How we found Lisa is a long story and through this blog, I hope to let everyone know how we all met and our journeys we have/will have together.


Hello world!

My new blog.  I will try and post at least once a week.  I hope to start by gathering and telling everyone this history of Kat and I.  This is going to be so much fun!